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Company Name: Knowledge Management Japan Corporation
Address: 2-16-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo107-0052 JAPAN
Phone: 813-6403-9278
CEO: Mr. Kazuhiko Makino, President
Paid-in Capital JPY10,000,000-
Shareholders Mr. Kazuhiko Makino 100%
Established June 2000
Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Line of Business Credit Management Consulting, Company Credit Investigation and Business Education
Alliance Partner Mitsui & Co. Credit Consulting, Trust & Growth
President Biography
Ph.D in Management Information System. BA from Waseda University, Tokyo. After six years in D&B Japan as a Senior Manager for Sales & Marketing, Business Education Services, he established his own business. Considered to be one of the leaders in credit & collection industry in Japan. Besides consulting, he teaches at Nikkei Business School, Waseda University Extension Center.
Translation: “ D&B’s Guide to Credit & Collection” (Nikkei)
Book: “Risk Management of eBusiness” (Xmedia),"Credit Management & Collection for Overseas Trading( Nihon Jitsugyo Shyppan ),"Learn Business English without Spending Money"(Chukei Shuppan),"Overseas Credit Management and Collection"(Zeimu Keiri Kyokai),"Credit Management for CPA"(Chuo Keizai),"English for Credit Management"(IBC Publishing)
Our Service
1. Consulting for Credit Management & Collection
Provide total solution for credit management and collection. such as establishing of credit policy, writing collection manuals, DSO minimization and advice to credit decision making for new customers.
Assist to create a system for in-house credit rating and credit limit.

2. Credit Report
Provide credit report for Japanese companies in English including company registration check, security and assets search.

3. Special Investigation
Provide special investigation for domestic overseas companies, specific industry market such as due diligence, assets search, tracing service, debtors investigation and monitoring of debtors in bankruptcy proceedings.

4. Business Education
Support business person to acquire essential skills and knowledge to well-position themselves in organization where they work.
Provide in-house seminars, have a regular open seminar three times a month. Topics vary from credit management, collection, contract drafting, financial analysis, business writing, overseas trade skills and bussiness risk in China.
Our Customer
AIU Insurance, ACG Corporation, Ajinomto, Alps Electric, Asahi Brewing, Asahi Kasei, Asahi Newspaper, Bennesse Corporation, Bridgestone, Calpis, Cannon, Chugai Pharmaceuticals, Compaq Computers, CSK, D&B Japan, DC Card, Dell Computers, Dentsu Corporation, DNP, FeDex, Fujitsu, Fuji Electric, Fuji Xerox, Frukawa Battery, Furukawa Electronics, Gartner Japan, GE Capital, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, Hakuhodo, Hitachi, Hitachi Solutions, Honda Motors, Isuzu Motors, Japan Energy, Janome Sewing, Japan Tobacco, JETRO, Kawasho Corp., Kayaba Industry, KDDI, Kitz, Levante, Marubeni Corporation, Matsushita Electric, Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Mitsui & Co., Mitsubshi UFJ Bank, NEC, NEC Software, Nikkei, Nippon Steel, Nissan Motors, NTT, NTT Advance Technology, NTT Comware, NTT Communications, NTT Docomo, NTT-X, Oki Electronics, Omron, Oracle, Ohtuka Pharmaceuticals, Osaka Chambers of Commerce, Ricoh, Recruit, Sumitomo Mitsui Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance, Sankyo, Seiko Epson, SII, Shiseido, Shimiz Corporation, Showa Denko, Sony Chemical, Sony Trading International, Sumikin Bussan, Sumisho Information System, Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo 3M, Sun Microsystems, Tokyo Electric, Tokyo Chambers of Commerce, Toshiba, Toshiba Engineering, Toyota Motors, Yamaha Motors, Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals, Yokohama Rubbers, Waseda University and more

 Knowledge Management Japan Corporation

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